Success Stories

For years, I have been trying to tone my body and get healthy. I have managed to get the activity portion under control but food has always been a struggle. Everything you read has a different approach, high fat, low fat, no carbs, etc. I have almost tried everything and nothing was really helping with the end goal. My struggles over the last few months have been trying to consume enough calories. I was always tired but never hungry to eat them. I also have a problem drinking enough water. Amanda made it very clear that carbs fuel the body and that could be why i was always so tired. Since then, I've been loading up meals with healthy grains and trying to consume more carbs throughout the day. I enjoyed learning what each type of food does for your body. It was a very relaxed setting too. Every Monday after bootcamp I prep quinoa and oatmeal for the week.


I would highly recommend Amanda as a personal health coach and life guide. Amanda has a gift for zeroing in on the emotions and anxieties that are keeping us stuck in whatever problem we are trying to deal with. She is organized, methodical and insightful. She is flexible and able to find a way to deal with any "at the moment" crisis. Yet when you come to a session feeling vague and not knowing what to say she has plenty of ways to help you  self -guide yourself to better awareness AND action. Therefore, you always feel as though you are progressing along your personal journey instead of just talking about it. Amanda has helped me immensely  and I can honestly say I have improved mentally and physically because of her guidance. I feel confident learning from her because she is so knowledgeable, focused, and thoughtful in her delivery. With Amanda you will experience personal growth.  

Lorna K.

I decided to get Health Coaching because I had fallen out of my healthy habits and replaced them with unhealthy ones. Amanda easily guided me back upon the proper path to regain my health by assessing my current state and designing an action plan that I could begin right away. I liked her positive attitude and attention to detail. Now Iā€™m back to eating healthy and exercising regularly with the clear intention of developing more healthier habits.