Reclaim Your Health

This is by far the most popularly requested workshop and has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life. This workshop will cover some basic health tips and each participant will complete a personal health analysis. Participants can expect to develop basic skills in adopting healthy habits, create an action plan for their health goals, and develop healthy habits that are unique to their needs and suite their lifestyle. Available as a one-time workshop or ongoing group coaching series.

Creating Healthy Habits

Adopting new habits, no matter how healthy they may be for us, can be challenging to stick with. In this workshop we’ll go over ways to create a doable plan of action, how to enforce the new habit (even if you feel like you don’t have any self-discipline!), and how to start seeing results. 

Plant-based Eating in the Real World: Getting Started

Beginning a plant-based diet isn't always easy. There are new culinary skills to learn, families to cook for, social events, and shopping within a budget, among other factors that can make any change in the way you eat challenging. In this workshop we'll work through the simple five step program developed by Amanda Lily for starting a plant-based diet. Each participant will leave with the beginning of a personalized action plan, grocery list, and recipes to try. 

Other Seminars and Workshops

Although the ones listed above are the most popular, there are more recurring specialized talks. These include Holistic Nutrition, and Inspiring Holistic Wellness: A Guide for Health and Recreation Providers. Talks can also be tailored to your specific needs and target audience. Please contact for more information or to request a seminar.

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