Reclaim Your Health: Workshop or Group Coaching


We could see results after only 30 minutes!

“Amanda’s presentation was a great addition to my coaching group program. I like how efficient her workshop was, and that we could see results after only 30 minutes! As a group, we happily integrated concepts from her workshop for the remainder of the program. All participants became more proactive with their health, adding new healthy habits into their lives.”

-Katja Holzhei, Neuland Yoga,

1-1.5 hours, depending on group size

Feeling unbalanced, confused, or frustrated with your health? Do you experience any of the following: stress, fatigue, weight management issues, or difficulty reaching health goals? Join us in this hands-on workshop where you will have the opportunity to complete a personal health analysis, learn tips for healthy living, and leave with manageable action steps towards creating more balance in your health and wellness.

What participants can expect:
This workshop will cover some basic health tips and personal health analysis. Participants can expect to develop basic skills in adopting healthy habits, create an action plan for their health goals, and develop healthy habits that are unique to their needs and suite their lifestyle. At least one goal will be focused on for each participant. Obstacles that have prevented their ability to reach these goals will be reviewed so that a feasible action plan can be put into place (note that this program does not replace any other professional services such as those offered by a physician, psychiatrist, etc.).

Group Coaching

Most participants reached at least one goal before the end of the program, some reached several.

“The community has benefited from this project by empowering families to improve their health and providing them with the resources to do so... The program also drew in the interest of other people in the participant's lives who could not attend the program but have joined them in their new healthy lifestyle activities.

Most participants reached at least one goal before the end of the program, some reached several. Samples of goals included: to lose weight, to begin a more physically active lifestyle despite chronic pains, to reduce consumption of recreational drugs, to get better quality of sleep, to increase motivation and zest for life, to improve diet, to improve money spending habits, to improve expression of self, and more!”

-Wolseley Family Place (Selections from an after-program report for Six Week Group Holistic Health Coaching)

Group Holistic Health Coaching continues with the same principles presented in the Reclaim Your Health workshop and provides continual support and guidance for each participant's health goals. We explore obstacles, create action plans, and more! A health coaching group meets once per week and all participants have unlimited access to the health coach in between sessions for ongoing support.

What participants can expect:
This project will build community and connect community members by providing them with a safe place that they can grow together and be supported by one another. The atmosphere of this space will be organized in a way that promotes a feeling of comfort so that participants can express themselves and speak about personal experiences and plans without fear of being judged. The overall health of members and their families have the potential to improve during and beyond the program should be they be active participants. Research has shown that if a life improving habit can be established, no matter how simple (such as eating breakfast regularly), it creates the foundation for other habits to more easily follow and can improve interactions between the individual making changes and other people in their life. This program intends to lay down that foundation in at least one area of health for each participant and their families.