These are recipes that I have developed over the years that have consistently been crowd pleasers for all kinds of people -kids, adults, plant-eaters, and those who won't touch touch anything labelled “vegan”- so you know they’re good!

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Bliss Balls

This tasty dessert is one that goes well with tea, can serve lots of people, can be modified in an infinite number of ways, and can even provide an extra bounce of energy as a snack. That’s right, a dessert that can be a snack because it is so good for you!

These tasty treats can be made with as few as two ingredients. Here, I am sharing with you a recipe that I developed when I had my catering business and still use to this day as they are always a hit.

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Strawberry Green Smoothie

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of leafy greens. But how do you get them in without eating salads all the time? Well, that’s where green smoothies come in.

Green smoothies are smoothies made with leafy greens as one of the ingredients. That’s it. So, you could add leafy greens to any smoothie you make right now. The trick is making it taste good.

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Chickpea Sandwich

Growing up there was a sandwich I loved so very much. No, it wasn’t the pepperoni ones I would find in my lunch in grade school. It was a sandwich my dad would make with my sisters and I helping alongside him. I have fond memories of making it, and I always loved the mix of textures and flavors. This was an egg-salmon sandwich.

What I didn’t like about this sandwich later, was that it involved animals products. I still wanted the same texture and memories, but I wanted it to all be plant-based. So, I took my dad’s recipe and modified it.

Now it is the most popular (and easiest) food requested by loved ones for me to bring along to potlucks, and on hiking trips.

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Green Juice

Juicing your fruits and vegetables can make consuming large quantities of them easier which may be necessary if you are looking to use them as a tool for healing. Here’s a recipe for a juice so tasty, so healthy, and so refreshing using ingredients you may already have in your home.