Sunshine and Green Juice

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Recently, a friend mentioned an interest in eating more yin foods and it reminded me of all the wonderful raw foods I used to make. Wow, did I ever like experimenting in the kitchen and making foods from scratch!

Things have since changed and, with the huge price increases of produce the last few years and increasingly busy life, I’m not experimenting with raw foods the way I used to and have settled into the same recipes over and over. However, hearing my friend say this was enough to get me interested again because I do love to share food that I make.

So we pulled out the juicer and made a delicious, fresh juice using ingredients most anyone could find at their grocery store. This juice is made of celery, green apples, and lemon.

Celery is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce symptoms of some joint problems. It also has vitamin A and K.

Juicing your fruits and vegetables can make consuming large quantities of them easier which may be necessary if you are looking to use them as a tool for healing. My friend spends hours doing hot yoga so they need extra liquids, and ones that can provide them with extra nutrients right away can be especially beneficial. That’s why, in addition to water, they drink coconut water, and fresh juices like this one.

If you are making this juice at home, use organic ingredients if possible, since we’ll be using the rind of the lemon, and both celery and apples tend to be very high in chemical residue when grown conventionally.

Here’s the recipe for the juice we made. It was so tasty, so healthy, and so refreshing on this HOT spring day!

Refreshing Green Juice

Yields enough juice to serve several people


  • 2 bunches celery

  • 4 green apples

  • 1 lemon, leave rind on when cutting into pieces

Chop all ingredients to the size that will fit through your juicer. Then place all ingredients in juicer, alternating between the different ingredients. It is best to drink the juice immediately after making it. You could also freeze some right away in glass jars to drink later.