Full Body At-Home Workout Cheat Sheet by Amanda Lily

Full Body At-Home Workout Cheat Sheet

Looking for a workout that you can do from home with nothing more than a couple of weights? Literally, 2 dumbbells, or jugs of water??? Grab your Full Body At-Home Workout cheat sheet below and get started working out from home today!

You’ll love this cheat sheet if:

  • you want workouts less than an hour long
  • you want to work out your whole body but are unsure how many days per week you can commit to
  • you have dabbled in workouts as a beginner or have an intermediate workout experience 
  • you get bored of doing the same thing every day 
  • you’d rather start working out each day than spend time design your workout
The fun mix-and match no-brainer structure of this cheat sheet means that you can create a new workout every time.

How it Works:

  • Pick one exercise from each of the eight circles. Do 10 reps of that exercise for 3 sets before continuing on with the next exercise. Allow for 45-60 second breaks between sets. 
  • Do one of these workouts 2-4 times per week. The frequency depends on you! Just be sure to leave a day between these workouts for other forms of physical activity, like working in the garden, going for a run, or a bike ride with the kids.

 That’s it! You get to workout with weights, gaining strength and tone, and work around YOUR schedule. So what are you waiting for? Getting started with your Full Body At-Home Workout cheat sheet now!