Creating Healthy Habits

These workshops were really empowering!

“We wanted the participants in our program to learn how to meet their various life goals, including those for their health. The [Reclaim Your Health and Creating Healthy Habits] workshops provided a clear step by step road-map on how one can really start moving forward to achieve better health and well-being. I really liked the interactive worksheets and the way we were able to take an overwhelming goal and break it down into more manageable steps. 

These workshops were really empowering! Thanks so much, Amanda Lily!”

-Jenny Foster, Community Housing Mentor at north End Women’s Centre

1 hour workshop

Adopting new habits, no matter how healthy they may be for us, can be challenging to stick with. In this workshop we'll go over ways to create a doable plan of action, how to enforce the new habit (even if you feel like you don't have any self-discipline!), and how to start seeing results. Each participant will leave with a personalized plan that they can begin right away for a healthy habit of their choosing.

What participants can expect:
Each participant will fill out a worksheet as we progress through the workshop. This is meant to give them the opportunity to identify what motivates them to work towards their health goals, and to make effective goals that they can follow through on. We'll also cover the cycle of habits, how to become aware of triggers for unhealthy habits, and how to make changes. Each participant will leave with a customized plan to adopt at least one healthy habit into their lives.