Top Secret Recipe -Coconut Bliss Balls

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I’m going to tell you all a secret. This has been a secret I kept for many years, despite frequent requests. It creates a dessert so tasty, so easy to prepare, so easy to serve, that it just seems, well, too easy.

This tasty dessert is one that goes well with tea, can serve lots of people, can be modified in an infinite number of ways, and can even provide an extra bounce of energy as a snack.

That’s right, a dessert that can be a snack because it is so good for you!

A dessert that gives back.

I am talking about bliss balls.

These tasty treats can be made with as few as two ingredients. Here, I am sharing with you a recipe that I used in my catering business that was always a hit. It uses only four ingredients. I modified this recipe to present to you in the simplest way possible.

And the recipe is…..


Coconut Bliss Balls!

Yields 3 dozen


  • 1 1/2 cups baking dates (use the ones purchased loose in a bag in the baking aisle, or fresh ones, not the ones pressed into a cake)

  • 2/3 cups natural almonds

  • 1/3 cup plain coconut flakes

  • dash Himalayan rock salt


1. Grind or process almonds into a flour (does not have to be perfect).

2. Add almonds, dates, and salt into food processor and process until dates are ground and starting to stick together.

3. Slowly add coconut flakes and pulse until mixed in.

4. Using a tablespoon measuring spoon, scoop dough and roll into balls.


Yep! So easy! Kids can even help you make bliss balls, and they are sure to help make them disappear. You can also try making these using different nuts or seeds, or adding in other died fruit. Really, this leads to so many possibilities! Other popular varieties I’ve made include: carob, peppermint, hemp seeds, dried apricots, and more!

As an added bonus, you can even freeze these balls of joy to consume later. For now, stick them in the fridge so they hold their shape before serving them. If you keep them in the fridge they will last for a couple of weeks…or less depending on how often people open your fridge door.